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Winnipeg Museums

Winnipeg Museums
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The Winnipeg Museum is a great place to start to learn about Manitoba’s natural and cultural history. The museum has two locations – one in the downtown area, and one in St. James. The downtown location is located on the upper floor of the Winnipeg Museum building on Broadway, and is open to the public. The St. James location is located in the historic Winnipeg Police Service Headquarters building on St. James Street and offers educational programs and activities in the Museum’s expanded space.

The Manitoba Museum is a natural history museum that is home to many artifacts and specimens from the past.

The Winnipeg Museum is a great place to explore and learn about Winnipeg’s natural history and archaeology. The museum has an extensive collection of archaeological artifacts for visitors to view and learn about. As for natural history, it features an extensive collection of dinosaur skeletons and skulls, as well as a small aquarium.

The museum also has a wide variety of hands-on activities for kids.

The Winnipeg Museum has a number of hands-on activities for kids. They are all free with your admission. Check the website for a full list of activities and for hours of operation.

The Children’s Discovery Room features an easy to use touch table and a large model train.

The Winnimere Museum has a wide range of hands-on exhibits that help children learn about the history of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The museum’s Children’s Discovery Room features an easy to use touch table and a large model train.

The Manitoba Museum also has a large collection of taxidermy.

The Museum of Man and the Museum of the Americas each house large collections of taxidermy. The Museum of Manitoba’s taxidermy collection includes over 1,500 animal specimens from Manitoba and around the world, including more than 100 mounted raptors. The Museum of the Americas also has an extensive collection of more than 1,000 mounted animal specimens, including many stuffed North American species and several species collected by the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The Natural History Collection features a variety of minerals, fossils and other geologic specimens.

The Winnipeg Museum’s Geoscience Collection is a showcase of minerals, fossils and other natural objects collected by amateur and professional geologists in the Winnipeg area over the last 150 years. In addition to the rich variety of objects in the collection, the museum also presents a variety of programs, hands-on activities, and workshops aimed at bringing the natural history of the region to life for visitors of all ages.

The History of Manitoba collection features a variety of artifacts, such as old documents, books and photos.

Winnipeg has many museums that preserve some of the items from the city’s history. The Winnipeg Museum, for example, has an extensive collection of Winnipeg artifacts, including historical photos and a large scrapbook of early Winnipeg postcards. The Museum of Manitoba has a collection of over 100,000 objects, with particular strengths in anthropology, archaeology, natural history and ethnology.

The Manitoba Museum also has an impressive collection of artwork, with several pieces by renowned First Nations artists.

The Winnipeg Museums are a group of five different museums, each with a unique focus. The Museum of Man and Nature, for instance, explores the relationship between humans and the natural world. The Museum of the People showcases Manitoba’s diverse cultures through temporary exhibitions, as well as items from the permanent collection.


While most of us are familiar with the Winnipeg City Museum and its excellent collection of historical artifacts, did you know Winnipeg also has a rich history of natural history museums? The Museum of Man in Winnipeg is widely recognized as one of the best natural history museums in North America, and is packed with thousands of fascinating artifacts, fossils, and historical items.

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