In 1944 after nearly 50 years in their new homeland, Ukrainian Canadians needed an institution to preserve their culture in Canada. The Ukrainian National Federation of Canada created Oseredok, the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre. The Centre was created to house a museum, archives, library and art gallery. Today Oseredok is the largest Ukrainian cultural institution of its kind.

Oseredok Archives and Museum collect and preserve materials and artifacts including documents, ancient maps, rare books, films, photographs, items of folk art, pioneers' tools, musical instruments, and regional folk costumes.

The Oseredok Art Gallery exhibits work of Canadian and international Ukrainian artists. It encompasses traditional areas of fine art, from historical to contemporary, including icons, paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and other media.

The Library holds over 40,000 books and periodicals in Ukrainian and English including collections of children’s books, folklore, music, humanities and sciences, a rare book collection and reference materials pertaining to all facets of vibrant Ukrainian culture.

Experience active Ukrainian culture through guided tours, workshops, lectures and language classes.

The Boutique offers artwork by local and international artists, as well as imported and domestic gifts such as jewellery, books, music, embroidery and ceramics.




The goal of Oseredok is to preserve, promote and present Ukrainian Canadian cultural heritage to the Canadian public.

Osererdok values the promotion of self-awareness through respect for cultural heritage, respect for diversity, service to the public, and excellence in all endeavours.