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Established by Cuthbert Grant who was the leader of the Métis at the Battle of Seven Oaks, Grant's Old Mill is a reproduction of an 1829 water mill. Located on Sturgeon Creek in St. James it represents the first water mill built west of the Great Lakes. The mill is open to the public during the summer months and provides a glimpse of a real working water powered mill.


Cuthbert Grant

Cuthbert Grant was an outstanding leader of the Métis and led the North West Company forces at the Battle of Seven Oaks in 1816. The Hudson's Bay Company named him Warden of the Plains in 1828. His task was to marshal the Métis in defence of the Red River Settlement. Later he became Councillor, Sheriff and Magistrate of the District of Assiniboia.

-Cuthbert Grant spoke 4 languages

-He also had a medical background, and his medicine chest is on display at The Manitoba Museum

-Grant's Old Mill was the first watermill to be built west of the Great Lakes

-There were several reproductions of Grant's Old Mill. The most recent reconstruction was made in 1974.

-In 2012 Sir James Grant, Lord Strathspey from Scotland visited Grant's Old Mill drawing 1000 visitors, some as far away as Yukon, Scotland and the USA.