Zillow identified Thrive Real Estate Group (www.ThriveRealEstateGroup.com) as the Number One rated brokerage in the country based on their client experience survey.
David Ness and Tim Aberle on stage at the Zillow Premier Agent Forum in Las Vegas receiving the award for #1 in the Country for Client Experience.

Zillow conducted a nation-wide survey of users who bought or sold a property using an advertising agent. Zillow users were surveyed based on their client experience, and were asked questions regarding responsiveness, communication, knowledge of the market and home buying process, trust, and customer needs. Survey results revealed that Thrive Real Estate Group in Denver, Colorado had the highest rating, and the company was honored by Zillow at an award ceremony in Las Vegas.

Thrive’s founder, David Ness, commented on the recognition: "It’s both invigorating and humbling to achieve this level of notoriety from our clients. Our Mission is to simplify and clarify home buying and selling, and our Vision is to see our clients move from their hope for a better life, to living it. With these guiding principles, carried out by some of the best agents in the business, we’ve been able to achieve a very high level of service to our clients as they go through the arduous process of buying and selling." Ness went on to say, "We talk extensively about what it looks like to live by our Core Values: Advocate selflessly, Execute tightly, and Live lightly. With these as our ‘north star,’ we’ve been able to achieve uncommon results in a common industry."

Thrive Real Estate Group, founded in 2006, is a boutique real estate company based in Denver, Colorado. Thrive currently has 16 Real Estate agents (which it calls Advisors). In 2018 Thrive closed over 100 million in sales and is on track for over 130 million this year. Thus far, Thrive has sold a property almost every day this year.

Rebecca Loesch, Thrive’s Operations Manager, added, "We will be expanding first in the Greater Denver Area, and then regionally. We do not feel the burden of scaling quickly. We’re methodical in our selection process of new team members, we intensely guard our culture, and we map our future with great care. The people at Thrive choose to orient their lives towards a common goal, and what sits squarely in the center of that goal is client experience."

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