City of Winnipeg Museums Board

The vision of the Transcona Historical Museum is to maintain and promote the history, stories and community spirit of Transcona. Featuring rotating exhibits the Transcona Historical Museum invites you to explore the community of Transcona through its local legacy of the railway, the building of the community, wartime experiences, and remembrance and so much more. 

Over the years, the Transcona Historical Museum has acquired an extensive collection of artifacts, photographs and documentary records that together tell the story of our community history. These collections include everything from railway artifacts, items from early Transcona businesses, historic clothing and household objects, to special natural and cultural history collections that include over 8000 moths and butterflies from around the world, 1000 Manitoba bird eggs and 3500 archaeological/First Nations artifacts from throughout Manitoba.

One of the primary goals of the Transcona Historical Museum is to maintain & preserve this collection, and interpret and exhibit it to the public through educational programming. The Transcona Historical Museum also seeks to promote the community spirit of Transcona through special events, community engagement and partnerships.


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